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Our linens come from estate sales and auctions. Often when I'm buying something for myself, I purchase the entire contents of a closet or box, and these "lots" contain items I can't use. Many times I find linens in original 50 year old packaging, or starched and pressed decades ago and stored away for some special occasion that never happened. PLEASE, buy them to use them and enjoy them!

Think outside of the box with old textiles. Sheets can be remade to use as curtains or shower curtains. Dresser scarves and table runners can become valances. A big tablecloth can become a bed cover. Even damaged old lace tablecloths can be remade into curtains where slight defects can be hidden within the folds of the fabric. Although I'm not big into sewing, I used some old embroidered pillowcases to make baby blankets for my grandchildren, and an old linen tablecloth to create some vintage king size pillowcases that I just love.

Unless I find an item in its original unopened package, I generally wash and iron each item before packing it away for resale. I usually don't use starch because this can yellow the fabric over time. Some items I find are new, but have never yet been washed. On items that have been used then I make note of any damage I find. If you receive something and there's damage that I didn't notice and you can't work around then you're welcome to return it within 30 days for a full refund.
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